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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Idiots in a Bubble

Complacency is the death knell of democracy and so for that matter is incompetence, both of which abound today among the general public and its elected leaders. Sure everyone may say the right thing in the right situation but just because you can teach a dog to sit when prompted doesn’t mean he’s going to actually believe in it. As I watched our esteemed President get choked up the other day recounting an encounter with a wounded vet or grieving widow(does it even matter at this point) who was happy to have done their part to battle the evildoers I was sickened and appalled. I remember rich, stupid, drunken, circle-jerk, frat boys like Bush from college and they were more or less harmless as long as they didn’t have any power. But hand one of these cocksuckers the keys to the kingdom and look out; given any sort of responsibility they will invariably fuck it up, that’s their nature.

And when it comes time to cash in their connections and take some asshole executive job (whether it be the chief one or not) they are perfectly suited because their attitude for years has been “fuck-em all,” especially anyone not in their exclusive little country club of the elite. Now we have the CEO-in-chief running amuck all over the world with either no clue or care for the fucked up state he’s leaving the country and the planet in. As long as he and his cronies come out of the shit storm smelling like roses and freshly printed money who cares? Well the rest of us out here dealing directly with consequences of his ignorant policies that’s who. It’s time for people to publicly stand up and say “fuck you asshole, you’re making the world a shittier place for everyone, stop.” But apathy nation doesn’t really care; as long as American Idol keeps coming on, Nascar keeps driving in circles wasting gas, and WalMart stays well stocked with cheaper and cheaper shit made by slave labor we’ll all keep our heads safely up our own asses. Besides “you can’t fight city hall” anyway right?

Wrong; that’s the big problem with big brother people think he’s invincible when really it’s their fear, ignorance, and passivity that enable him.

First off wake up and stop fearing fear itself like most of you have been doing since 9-11. I know it’s hard you’ve been fed a steady diet of fear-laced propaganda for so long who knows what’s really what anymore. But that’s what this whole “war on terror” is about, trying to fight some great unknown that can never be defeated because there is no tangible enemy, only the paranoia of there being more enemies out there. It’s kind of like a war on monsters under the bed but worse because real people are being killed and maimed. So what have four years of killing gotten us so far? Containment and a handle on the terrorist situation, “fighting them there, so we don’t fight them here”, well what about the doctors in England? Were men like this the intended targets of our “war on terror” or unintended byproducts of a policy of violence and confrontation? Was dealing with a region and a group of people who were already upset with our years of intrusion with an invasion a prudent or even sane move? Probably not, but somebody wanted to be a “war president” and having already perpetrated a bloodless coup to attain office in one country what harm was engaging in a little deception to start an endlessly bloody coup in another? No, all we’ve gotten for our billions and blood is an unbelievably diminished world standing and a more unstable terrorist situation then ever.

People need to open their eyes to the world around them, the United States is not the be all or end all. There are other countries and people and cultures out there and they are all valuable in their own right and for more then the cheap labor we use them for. The reputation of the US is dogshit to most of the world right now, which should be the first clue something is wrong. If we were so right why do most think we are so far off track and don’t give me some jingoistic nonsense about anti-Americanism abroad. After 9-11 there was a chance to unite the world behind our cause, Le Monde declared “We are all Americans”, but instead we took all that goodwill and alienated and isolated ourselves by stupidly declaring “you’re either with us or against us”. The close-minded stance of the cowboy, that “might makes right” attitude doomed us geopolitically and the fact that the American people sat there and let so much wrong be done in their name with nary a peep and then went and reelected the motherfucker to boot makes it even worse. No wonder it’s a hassle to travel as American abroad these days, it probably should be, you should have to explain yourself and the government that you let represent you.

The problem is people just don’t want to get it most of the time. Sometimes if you point it out to them clearly and concisely like how most of their possessions were likely made in sweatshops by virtual slaves who were quite possibly children, there may be a faint passing glimmer of recognition and regret, but no anger at the system they are a part of which is allowing it to occur. And that’s the hitch, that next step past acknowledgement towards action is where people need to move to start having a positive effect. It seems to be dawning on some slowly but surely that the missteps of the past few years have gone beyond politics and foreign policy and have infiltrated their daily lives. They’re shaking off that high fructose apathy as it hits home in the form of disabled vets, stagnant wages, and outright criminal behavior by their elected “leaders”. But we’ve been asleep sheep for too long and I’m afraid it will take a very loud, very dramatic wake-up call to stir anyone to actual action not just talk.

Perfect penance for this motherfucker-in-chief would be if he had to spend his post-presidential years personally explaining himself to loved ones of the over 3000 dead and the thousands of young men disabled in his pointless and gratuitous war. But he’ll just slink off to a ranch somewhere and not care because his attitude is, is that by the time any of this is history and really being judged he’ll have been long since dead or “raptured” whichever the case may be. So what can we do? I say impeach him or indict him, even if he is the lamest of all ducks. That way he knows for sure his legacy is shit.


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